New Spring Special Education Services assists individuals of all ability levels, including individuals with moderate to severe disabilities from preschool age to adulthood. We also work with individuals who are non-verbal and who use Augmentative communication devices or other assistive technology. We serve individuals with disabilities, including those with Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome, ADHD, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, multiple disabilities, and Autism.

Educational Intervention and Tutoring

Often students with disabilities tend to have splinter skills or “holes” in their education. Retention can be a struggle for these students. We provide one on one tutoring and instruction for students and individuals with disabilities who need extra help in academic areas.

IEP Support

Teachers do the best they can with the time and resources they have to ensure that students meet their IEP goals. However, there are many barriers that can impede progress such as behavior problems, time restraints, lack of adequate staffing, and lack of resources and materials. We provide students and parents the support they need to navigate the IEP and reach the goals.

Parent Training

We provide parent education and training to assist parents in receiving the best services at school for their children. We talk with parents, listen to their concerns, and give them strategies to best address those concerns at home, in the community, and at school.

Behavior Support – Contracted behavior provider with Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Lack of focus, aggression, temper tantrums, and perseverative behaviors are just some of the behaviors that can cause set-backs during instruction for individuals with disabilities. New Spring Special Education Services knows that behaviors must be under control before true learning can take place. While supporting academic goals, we also focus on behaviors using positive reinforcement and ABA strategies to keep success high. Additionally, we give parents support and ideas for improving behaviors at home.

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